The challenge from the city

The planning of decision-making processes in local or regional governments involve both the intentions and objectives of the government itself, as well as unknown and intertwined objectives of the set of stakeholders who are directly or indirectly affected by proposed future directions. Current ways of accomodatingfor citizen’s and stakeholder’s inputs to the planning process are both time consuming and difficult for the city’s decision makers to incorporate in the decision process.

Finding the solution

An informed and transparent decision process for sustainable decision-making in urban planning as well as closing gaps between stakeholders. The project will develop a digitalized and user-friendly workflow that aspires to reach out to informants in an attractive and scalable way. Further, to collect and aggregate insights from stakeholders, interest groups and experts, to evaluate proposed action plans and finally, to allow stakeholders to view the whole process from survey to aggregated results and decisions in a digital and transparent way.

Key benefits

Scalable and cost-effective solutions to enable early, pro-active citizen participation for empowerment in public decision processes, transparency around all stakeholder groups inputs and the provision of tools for making rational and sustainable decisions in complex environments

InSight & EnLIGHT

Duration: 2018-10-01 -2021-05-31


Kjell Borking, [email protected]
Anders Lundkvist, [email protected]

Partners: Preference AB, Allies AB, eGovLabof Stockholm University and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, IIBW–enlight-for-a-public-decision-making-ecosystem/